Which Of The Following Describes A Net Listing Agreement

1) If a licensee enters a company as an independent contractor, which of them will likely have to pay alone? a) you must participate in all sales discussions. b) they must have signed a written labour agreement. c) you must work at least 15 hours per week. d) You must do all the work at the office. (ii) The applicant has carefully exercised his appeals against all the convicts and anyone responsible for the transaction for which he is seeking recovery under the Recovery Fund. If the collection fund is based on the actions of a limited liability corporation, corporation or corporation, the plaintiff must have carefully pursued all possible remedies against the qualified broker for the company, the company or the limited liability company. (27) Non-disclosure to a purchaser of a known material defect concerning the condition of the property known to a part-time broker, seller or distributor. A. A seller approved by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission for the provision of continuing education courses to Commission licensees is exempt from the continuing education authorization procedures under the Louisiana Administrative Code or imposed by the Commission if it seeks approval of the following application: (11) „franchise agreement“ refers to an agreement by which a party, the franchisor, franchisor , authorizes a real estate agent to use the franchisee, registered trademarks or other advertising means to create a common identity between several brokers at the national or regional level for marketing purposes. C. The Commission cannot certify or accept teaching hours for credits in which it directly or indirectly has a vital economic interest by a legislator or member of the Commission, a member of its family or an organization in which it directly or indirectly has an essential economic interest.

H. A sponsored property licensee is an independent sponsorship contractor or qualified broker for all intents and purposes and cannot be a qualified sponsoring agent or broker if all the following conditions are met: An exclusive agency agreement gives a broker the right to market and sell a property for a specified period of time , while the owner retains the right to find a buyer and sell the property without having to commission the real estate agent. The seller must pay a commission only if the house is sold by the broker or by an agent or a licensed sub-agent of the real estate agent. This type of list is not very common in residential stores, because it increases the chances of a dispute between the broker and the seller about who was actually the cause of the sale supply. It is illegal for a person or their representative to submit to the Commission a notification, statement or other document required by the provisions of this chapter, which are false or contain essential factual allegations. A. The Commission may suspend or revoke a licensee, a registrant or certificate holder or suspend or revoke any licence, registration or certificate issued under this chapter, impose fines or impose civil penalties of no more than $5,000, or impose training requirements on licensees, filers or certificate holders when the Commission considers a policyholder to be , a registrant or certificate holder has implemented or attempted to apply the following measures: , deeds: It is illegal for a real estate agent to advise or encourage a seller with respect to a net list agreement as described in R.S.

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