Limited Scope Retainer Agreement

A limited scope retainer agreement, also known as an unbundled legal services agreement, is an arrangement between a lawyer and a client in which the lawyer agrees to provide certain services for a fixed fee. This agreement allows clients to receive legal assistance on a limited basis without having to retain the lawyer for the entire case or transaction.

This type of agreement is becoming increasingly popular as more people seek alternative billing arrangements and affordable legal services. Limited scope retainer agreements are especially beneficial for clients who have a basic understanding of legal procedures and are capable of handling certain tasks on their own.

Under a limited scope retainer agreement, the client and lawyer agree on a specific scope of services to be provided. The lawyer will only provide those services, and the client will be responsible for handling all other aspects of the case or transaction. This type of agreement allows clients to save money by performing some of the legal work themselves, while still having access to professional legal advice and guidance.

For example, a client may retain a lawyer to review a contract for a fixed fee, but will be responsible for negotiating the terms of the contract themselves. Alternatively, a client may retain a lawyer to prepare court documents, but represent themselves in court.

Limited scope retainer agreements have a number of benefits for both clients and lawyers. For clients, they provide access to affordable legal services and allow them to have greater control over their case or transaction. For lawyers, limited scope retainer agreements provide an opportunity to serve a broader range of clients and can help them build their practice.

However, it is important to note that limited scope retainer agreements may not be appropriate for all legal matters. Complex cases or transactions may require a more traditional retainer agreement, in which the lawyer provides comprehensive legal services from start to finish.

In conclusion, limited scope retainer agreements are an effective way for clients to receive legal services on a limited basis at an affordable cost. These agreements can benefit both clients and lawyers, but it is important to carefully consider the scope of services to be provided before entering into this type of agreement.