Unit 9 Subject Verb Agreement

2 12. Forecasters (predict, predict) many bad storms this year. 13. Two hundred people were in the audience. 14. You and I (trains, train) for the same position in the team. 15. Two airports (serve, serve) washington, D.C., area. 16. This container (maintains, maintains) a gallon of liquid. 17. These crates (weigh, weigh) 20 pounds.

18th president mith (leaves, abandoned) at three o`clock. 19. Redwood trees (grow, grow) very high. May 20 High Chool and Brush High Chool (have, is) sporting rivals for many years. Exercise 2 Write in space the correct form of the presence of the verb in parentheses. Richard [plans to visit London in the spring. (Plan) 1. King Alexander III of Macedonia [is commonly known as Alexander the Great. (be) 2.M.

Collins [looks forward to the arrival of the post office. (wait) 3. aul and Keith [ Play checker after school. (Playing) 4. Birds [hunt food at the pond. (Hunt) 5. These sandwiches are very good. (Flavour) 6. There is only one correct answer to this question. (be) 7.

Kathy [loves this music. (how) 8. Leonard [hopes that the spring exercise will begin soon. (Hope) 9. The wall has two windows. 10. The Mississippi River flows through Louisiana. (Debit) 11. The light comes on through the stained glass windows. (Brillance) 12. Art class [help Donna develop her skills. (Help) 13.

West Point and the Naval Academy [are located near the east coast. (be) 14. Electric guitars [sell very well in this city. 15. Dolphins live in the water. 16. Only two weeks [stay in the semester. (stay) 188 and language work booklet, class 8 4 7. Alaska, before it became part of the United Tates, (were called, were) eward s Folly or Icebergia. 8. There (lies, lies) the best keeper in the province! 9.

Are the ingredients of these cereals (including) sugar? 10. Pluto, the planet furthest from the Sun (orbit, orbits) the Sun every 90,000 days. 11. The streets of this city (contains) little asphalt. 12. Here are (here, are) your instructions. 13. Amber used in jewelry, (come, comes) from petrified tree juice. 14. Americans in every region of the country (talk, talk) with clear accents. 15.

At the back of the room (seated, seated) the nearest speaker. 16. There is in the hall (are, is) the language laboratory. 17. The leaves on the tree (turn, turn) color each fall. 18. The Abakus, although centuries old, is still used in many parts of the world.