Unit Grant Agreement

Founders of new companies often want to use shares to attract top talent to their business. It`s hard when you start for the first time – you need amazing people to build your visions, but you`re bootstrapping, or on a shoe chain budget that was collected from your friends and family`s money, and you probably don`t have any income. Once you are positive in terms of turnover, it becomes even more important to keep your employees while the company is on a scale. The granting of capital units (granted to creators or sold to investors) can have tax consequences, since profit interests are often key to attracting and associating important collaborators or service provider relationships. The terms of the grant are governed by the terms of the plan and this performance assistance agreement (this agreement) in Schedule A. Capital Units is the LLC equivalent of limited capital grants in Company S or C. Instead of giving the employee the right to increase the value of members` interests, the employee gets his full value. The rules of use and the question of whether the employee is considered a partner or an employee are similar to a profit compensation. The worker may choose 83 b) in the event of the grant and payment of taxes on any value declared on that date as normal income (which can be designated in a start-up). The cash-based RSU Grant Agreement is a new form of agreement for the allocation of limited storage units.

The core cash RSUs are designed to reconcile the interests of the executives with the interests of the company as controlling shareholder of the Altus Midstream Company (Altus Midstream), with each RSU fund constituting a hypothetical stake in a Class A share, the face value of US$0.0001 per share, of Altus Midstream. All cash base RSU vests over three years and, once transferred, will be billed in cash. The recipient is an authorized person designated in accordance with the plan to award one or more conditional grants. For the purposes of this agreement, the entitled group includes all full-time and part-time workers of the company who are employed as employees of the company (designated by the Payroll and Payroll Corporation), with the exception of Egyptian nationals who are employed outside the United States, employees classified by the company (for payroll and pay purposes) as non-taxable support and foreign service agents. , lease employees, interns or employees of the company covered by a collective agreement, unless such a collective agreement provides coverage in accordance with the plan. The terms of the grant are governed by the terms of the plan and this Performance Unit Assistance Agreement (this agreement) in Schedule A. Grant Notice refers to the separate notification to each recipient indicating the number of RSUs (the grant) granted to the recipient. The benefit participation contract reflects the earlier form of the benefit participation agreement, with the following exceptions: (a) subject to the provisions of this section 6 (a) and sections 6 (b) and 6 c), this recipient continues to use the indicated percentage of the non-integrated final amount of RSU, as defined in Appendix A, for the combination of age and years of service obtained by that recipient in accordance with the matrix. from the date of termination due to retirement, as if the recipient continued to be employed as an authorized person, provided that the date of the unre transferred notification is, before that date of termination, within a period allowing the recipient to submit the written notification as follows, and the recipient did not receive written notice before three (3) months after the date of the grant and no less than the number of months prior to the termination date, as set out in the schedule below for the Senior Vice President of Apache Corporations, Human Resources or his representative, as well as his direct supervisor, with respect to the intention of recipients to terminate employment for retirement reasons; However, if a beneficiary who is at least 55 years of age and has reached the combination