Wasabi Service Level Agreement

6.4 Confidentiality. Each party may provide certain non-public information from time to time, including formulas, flow diagrams, diagnostic routines, business information, forecasts, financial plans and data, balance sheet information, customer information, marketing plans, hardware, software and information on uninsured products („Confidential Information“). Confidential information includes the content of Wasabi and your content, as well as any other information transmitted by one party to the other party, in any form, including visually and orally, in writing, as owner or confidential, or – to a sensible person who is known for the activities of the public party and the industry in which it operates – , are proprietary or confidential in nature. For the duration of this agreement and after three (3) years after its termination, each party will not disclose this confidential information, except as stated in this agreement. The recipient party has confidence and must not disclose (or authorize) confidential information to a person or organization, with the exception of a director, director, employee, external advisor or advisor (together“representative“) who must be aware of this confidential information in the course of the performance of its obligations to the receiving party and which are bound by a public party`s obligation of confidentiality. , of this agreement. The receiving party and its representatives may only use this confidential information for purposes for which it has been disclosed and may not use or use this confidential information for the benefit of another party without the prior written consent of the revealing party. Each party assumes responsibility for the actions of its representatives and protects the other party`s confidential information in the same way as it protects its own valuable confidential information, but under no circumstances should it be used less than due diligence. The parties expressly agree that the terms of this Agreement are confidential information and also agree not to use Wasabi to perform comparison analyses, evaluations or product repositories for services and not to publish analysis or verification of services without Wasabi`s prior written authorization. A receiving party must immediately inform the party to disclose whether it is aware of an alleged violation or violation in the context of that sub-party and cooperates with any appropriate request from the revealing party to assert its rights 1.4 Usage data. In order to provide billing and administration services or to investigate fraud, abuse or violations in this agreement, we may process usage data related to your customer account, such as resource identifiers, metadata tags, security and access roles, rules, usage policies, authorizations, usage statistics and analysis („Use Data“).