Militant Group In A 1994 Peace Agreement

Appendix I deals with borders and sovereignty. Appendix I, point a), establishes an “administrative border” between Jordan and the Israeli-occupied West Bank in 1967, without prejudice to the status of that territory. Israel recognizes Jordan`s sovereignty over the territory of Naharayim/Baqura (including the island of peace) and the Tzofar/Al Ghamr region. [9] Appendix II deals with water and related issues. In accordance with Article 6 of the Treaty, Jordan and Israel agreed to create a “Common Water Committee” (Article VII). [10] Appendix III deals with crime and illicit drugs. [11] Appendix IV is about the environment. [12] Appendix V covers border crossings, passports and visas. Article 6 states that “any contracting party has the right to refuse entry to a person in accordance with its rules.” [13] The agreed protocol of the treaty contains a number of details on the implementation of the peace treaty.

[14] U.S. President Bill Clinton observed Jordan`s King Hussein and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin shaking hands in October 1994, October 1994 In 1987, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and King Hussein secretly attempted to reach a peace agreement in which Israel would grant the West Bank to Jordan. They signed an agreement setting a framework for a Middle East peace conference. The proposal was not fully presented following the objection of Israeli Prime Minister Jitzchak Shamir. The following year, Jordan renounced the West Bank in favour of a peaceful solution between Israel and the PLO. [3] [4] Jordan`s growing opposition to the peace agreement with Israel has prompted Hussein to further restrict freedom of expression. [20] Several dissidents were imprisoned, including Laith Shubeilat, a prominent Islamist. A few months after his captivity, King Shubeilat, his most vocal critic, personally left Swaqa prison. [23] However, the crackdown led opposition groups in Jordan to boycott the 1997 parliamentary elections. [20] In 1998, Jordan rejected a secret request by Netanyahu to attack Iraq using Jordanian airspace, after claiming that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

[20] In October 2018, Jordan notified Israel of its intention not to renew land leased under Schedule I of the agreement. The Annex granted Jordan the right not to renew the lease of Naharayim (Baqoura) and Tzofar/Al Ghamr after 25 years, since a termination took place a year earlier. [25] The Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty (formally the “Peace Treaty between the State of Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan” [Note 1] is sometimes referred to as the Wadi Araba Treaty[1] is an agreement that ended the open conflict between the two countries and ended mutual diplomatic relations. The signing ceremony took place on 26 October 1994 at the southern crossing point of the Arabah. Jordan was the second Arab country to sign a peace agreement with Israel, after Egypt. [2] On 27 September 1997, eight Mossad agents entered Jordan with false Canadian passports and attempted to assassinate Jordanian Khaled Mashal, leader of the Palestinian Islamist militant group Hamas. [20] Three days before the attack on a 30-year ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, Hussein was preparing for two Hamas attacks in Jerusalem. [20] Two Mossad agents followed Mashal into his office and injected poison into his ears, but they were captured by Macraal`s bodyguard. [20] The two officers were then detained by the Jordanian police, while the other six officers were hiding at the Israeli Embassy. [20] Furious, Hussein met with an Israeli delegate who was trying to explain the situation; In a speech about the incident, the king said he felt like someone had “spit in his face.” [20] The Jordanian authorities asked Netanyahu to present an antidote to save Mashal`s life, but Netanyahu refused to do so. [20] Jordan then threatened to storm the Israeli embassy and conquer the rest of the Mossad team, but Israel argued that this would be contrary to the Geneva Conventions.

[20] Jordan responded that the Geneva Conventions “do not apply to terrorists” and a special response team led by Hussein`s son, Abdullah, was tasked with the

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