Agreement Maps

1.3 Use of other Google services and additional conditions. If you use the card API (s) in conjunction with other Google products, including other Google API (s) (together, the service and all other Google products and services are called „Google services“), your agreement with Google also contains the terms and conditions applicable to these Google services. All of this is called „additional conditions.“ If additional conditions apply, they will be accessible to you, either indoors or through your use of the corresponding Google services. If there is a contradiction between the additional conditions and the card API conditions, the terms of card APIs are given priority only if they refer to the map API and not to other Google services. 13.5 At the expiry of this legal agreement, conditions which, by their nature, are supposed to be maintained for an indefinite period of time, will continue to apply, including Sections 3.5 (European Data Protection Provisions); 6 (Google`s property rights); 11.1 (content license); 13.4 and 13.5 (denunciation of this agreement); 14 (excluding guarantees); 15 (limitations of liability); 16 (compensation); 19 (terms and conditions). Certain components of services (including open source software) are subject to third-party copyright and other intellectual property rights such as: (a) google Maps/Google Earth`s legal references to; and (b) the separate licensing conditions available to the public by third parties that Google makes available to the customer upon request. 19.2 Disposal. Google may cede part of this agreement without written consent. „Documentation“ refers to Google documentation at the time, which is described on The introduction of Agreement Maps Agreement Maps provides comprehensive reports of flow diagrams that extrapolate the terms and conditions of critical enterprise agreements and summarize them graphically („Map“). These include agreements such as licensing, research and development, mergers and acquisitions, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and companies.