Employment Contract Agreements South Africa

3.1 Normal schedules will be from START TIME to END TIME with a lunch break from START TIME to END TIME from Monday to Friday. By signing this contract, the worker undertakes to comply from time to time with the reasonable overtime obligations required, provided that this does not exceed the limits set by the legislation in this area. At the same time, you don`t want the employment contract to limit your relationship and your ability to respond to changes in the way your organization works, as well as economic and legal changes. The employment contract must be flexible. That is why we propose to divide the employment contract into different parts. The working relationship is based on data, terms, rules, policies, procedures and practices. Some are binding, others without commitment. Employers can change some unilaterally, others only by mutual agreement. Some apply to only one employee, others to all employees. That`s why it`s important to group them together and process them in separate documents or documents. The appointment letter (LOA) is the essential basis of the working relationship and contains relevant information for each worker. After the signing, this information can only be changed with the employee`s consent. It should be short and in clear and clear language, so that it is easy to understand.

We find that employees are more happy to sign a letter than to enter into a contract. The model contains: What does the lawyer think of your work of your rules and rules? He/she should advise you on what to do to make it perfect before moving on to the design phase. Employment contracts are also the best way to ensure that you have a positive and fair relationship with your staff. A written employment contract with each employee also helps you avoid misunderstandings and disputes. A comprehensive contract containing information such as salary, working time, disciplinary provisions and other employment details has the advantage of being signed by both parties and, therefore, legally binding.