Good Friday Agreement Committee

As MEPs certainly like, the next few weeks are crucial for the ongoing work to secure an agreement between the EU and the UK on a future partnership. Earlier this week, I attended the General Affairs Council, where my colleagues from the 27 EU7 Member States and I discussed the outstanding issues, not only with regard to future relations, but also with regard to the implementation of the protocol. At the Northern Ireland Assembly in June 2000, the parties debated at length the issue of the conduct of Union flags on public buildings. Sinn Fein had ordered subdivisions not to raise the Union flag.1 On 8 November 2000, the Government adopted the Northern Ireland Statutes (No. 347) for the flags2, which came into force on 11 November 2000. It set out certain days and occasions when the Union pavilion could be flown. Legislation has reduced the flight days of the flag from 21 to 17.3 „Good Friday Agreement – Symbols and Emblems“, BBC News, consulted on 7 February 2013,…. 2. Each government will hold a referendum on 22 May 1998. Subject to Parliament`s approval, a consultation referendum in Northern Ireland held under northern Ireland conditions (negotiations, etc.) The 1996 Act will address the following question: „Do you support the agreement between the parties on Northern Ireland and Command Document 3883?“ The Irish Government will introduce and support in the Oireachtas a bill amending the Constitution in accordance with paragraph 2 of the Section „Constitutional Affairs“ and Appendix B: a) amendIng Articles 2 and 3, in accordance with paragraphs 8.1 of Appendix B and b) amending Article 29 to allow the Government to ratify the new agreement between the United Kingdom and Ireland. After the adoption by the Oireachtas, the law will be put to a referendum. In May/June 1999, the Commission conducted a public opinion survey to understand the public`s attitude towards police work in Northern Ireland.

The Commission has also visited various locations, including a number of police services in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Spain and the United States. On 9 September 1999, the Independent Police Commission of Northern Ireland presented its report and made recommendations on human rights issues, accountability, police work with the community, police structure, size of police service, composition of the police service and other issues. The Commission made 175 recommendations.1 Trade union political reactions to the report and its recommendations have not been positive.2″Police Labour Commission for Northern Ireland,“ BBC News, seen on 29 January 2013,… 3.