Washington Franchise Agreement Addendum

A franchise lawyer could audit the commercial agreements to determine whether the Washington franchise law and registration rules apply in that company`s situation. Franchise law is complex, so the assistance of a competent agent can help franchisors avoid errors that could prove quite costly. To learn more about how we can help you with your franchises and the growth of your franchise in Washington State and the United States, contact us at (800) 976-4904 or contact us online. Crossings doing business in other countries can have an FDD prepared elsewhere. However, if they do not adapt the FDD to Washington`s requirements, they must contain the Washington National Addendum. The DDF should include all agreements proposed to franchisees and accounts should be reviewed. In some cases, the franchisor may request the submission of a franchised impound contract or a performance guarantee. Check out our interactive franchise registration card and learn more about state franchise laws, FDD registration countries and franchise applications. The Securities division of the State Department of Washington Financial Institutions regulates and oversees the enforcement of the Washington-based company`s investment protection and FDD registration.

The laws of the Washington franchise are constituted by the Washington Investment Protection Act. The state of Washington also has unique rules on competitive activities. In 2019, the legislature in Washington passed a legal act that invalidated most competition problems. In addition, Washington has passed a law prohibiting non-demand agreements in franchise agreements. If a franchisor takes a non-invitation contract into its franchise agreement in Washington, the franchisor could be threatened with severe penalties and legal problems. Our franchise lawyers regularly advise franchisors on these nuances and how best to address them before filing franchise applications with the State of Washington. Third parties who sell franchises on behalf of a franchisor must register as franchise brokers. The requirements are defined in RCW 19,100.140 and WAC 460-82-200.

Brokers must register with the State Department of Washington Financial Institutions before offering or selling a franchise in Washington State. In order for a franchise broker to register in Washington State, the following steps must be completed: if a franchisor does not meet the registration requirements or commits an act deemed unfair or misleading, the Washington law gives the franchisee the right to claim damages. The franchisor may also be subject to fines and other harmful consequences. These risks are the reason why it is important to closely monitor Washington franchise law and registration obligations, and many franchisors find it easiest to do so by working with an experienced and committed franchise team. To launch your franchise system and take your business to the next level, meet with an experienced franchise lawyer today.