Visa Credit Card Agreement Disclosure

CONVENIENCE CHECKS We may send you convenience checks that can be used to obtain cash or to pay for goods or services up to the amount of your available credit limit, unless this amount leads you to exceed your credit limit. Convenience checks are debited from your credit limit, processed as cash advances, and collect a financing fee from the date the check is posted to your account. Convenience checks can only be used by the person whose name is printed on them. You may not use the convenience controls to pay an amount that you owe us under this or any other agreement. We will not send you paid convenience cheques. We may refuse recognition of your convenience cheque if you have exceeded your credit limit, are late, your account rights have been cancelled or your card has expired. You can stop the payment during a convenience check by notifying us in writing at 08770 State Route 66, Defiance, OH 43512 or by phone at 419-783-6500. If you call, you must confirm the request in writing within fourteen (14) days. Your written request must contain the account number, cardholder name, check number(s), check amount, and payee information.

There may be a stop payment fee of $30.00 per item or per series of items. In this agreement, the terms „you“, „your“ and „cardholder“ mean or refer to any person who signs the application for this VISA credit card credit plan. „We“ or „Us“ refers to the Midwest Community Credit Union. „Card“ means the VISA credit card and any duplicates or renewals we say. „Account“ means your VISA credit card credit account with us. `Convenience checks` means all convenience checks issued by the Credit Union. It is the agreement and disclosure statement for cardholders that governs the use of your account. Please read it and keep it for your documents.

NOTE TO CONSUMERS: This disclosure is correct as of September 2015 and is changeable. For more information, call us at (419) 783-6500. LINE OF CREDIT The approval of your application sends you a self-filled line of credit and will inform you of its amount when we issue the card. You agree not to use the Card or to obtain advances to exceed this credit limit. If you do, you promise to pay the amount that exceeds the credit limit on demand. We will not charge an overlimitation fee for your account. However, we may refuse any transaction that would lead you to exceed your credit limit. You can request an increase in your line of credit using a method accepted by the Credit Union. TRANSACTION TICKETS: My periodic settlement identifies the merchant, electronic terminal or financial institution with which transactions have been made, but sales, cash advances, credits or other supporting documents cannot be returned with the periodic settlement. I will keep a copy of these supporting documents, which was given at the time of the transaction to check my regular statement to testify. .

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