What Is A Deputation Agreement

The circumstances in which the Union Civil Service Commission must be consulted in deciding on the recruitment of posts concern (a) direct recruitment, (b) reinstatement, (c) absorption, (d) composite recruitment methods – taking into account the candidate for that department as well as external candidates. And in the case of a deputation, if such an area simultaneously includes officials of the State Government or officials of groups „A“ and „B“ of the central government, and if this zone includes officials of the central government or the State, as well as officials of non-governmental institutions. Finally, UPSC also consults one of the hiring rules, which must be relaxed or modified as appropriate. With globalization, the movement of workers (i.e. expatriates) from one country to another is a common phenomenon. As a rule, expatriates are sent on a deputation or secondment basis. 1 is covered by Schedule III of the CGST Act 2017, which does not consider this to be a supply of goods or services. „7. We can come to the same conclusion if we look at this issue from a different perspective. In law, services provided in the course of employment were maintained from the levy of the services tax. This applies not only to the period under review, but also currently under the new Regulation on the negative list for taxation after 2012.

The mere provision of such a service by an employee to one or more employers, as in the case of joint employment, cannot make a difference in the tax treatment of the remuneration earned by the employee […].