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Airport for the people

The Airport will be moved outside of town, therefore changes!   AAAAAAction! Free space is peoples…
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Insurgentes Mercado

todo los dias soy en el parque por comida aqui. Pero los vendadores son en…
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 green infrastructure could level up our cities to a new understanding of interactional architecture.
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Insurgentes Garden

Una structura para renaturar el paque y por los ninos de estudiar los vegetales
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Insurgentes Skate Plaza

Skaaaaate el parque
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Make Glorieta de Insurgentes part of the city

This small plaza is surrounded by a car barrier, and it doesn't feel as part…
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José Martí: Pedestrian street

Make a pedestrian street in every neighborhood.
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Another flow for urban food provision

Los Vendadores need their own urban parking spots
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Air Filter Systems under roads

I propose that smart concrete absorbs 30000000000000 cars emisson a day. Here is the concept. Cost…
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