Workforce Development Agreements

In Budget 2017, Canada announced a commitment to simplify and relax three agreements on the transmission of labour market information (labour market agreements for people with disabilities, agreements on the Canadian Employment Fund and the targeted initiative on older workers agreements) by consolidating them into new labour development agreements. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced the details of a $1.5 billion investment in the hand-of-life development agreements. (WDAs) with the provinces and territories. This investment will help Canadians in under-represented groups and in sectors most affected by the pandemic – such as construction, transportation and hospitality – to have quick access to aid to reintegrate into the country in 2001. It could include qualification, workplace training, employer-supported training, financial support and benefits, counselling and work services, and employment opportunities. This credit will be in addition to the $3.4 billion made available to provinces and territories in 2020-21 under WDAs and Labour Development Agreements (WMMDs). The costs that can be divided under federal and regional agreements are detailed and complex. In simple terms, the costs directly related to the preparation, realization and maintenance of employment are generally paid for. All expenses related to an individual`s training plan must be approved. In 2018, Manitoba has again entered into bilateral labour market transfer contracts with the Canadian government. The new Labour Development Agreement (WDA) consolidated and replaced the previous agreement on the Canada-Manitoba Labour Fund and the Disability Labour Market Agreement (DMA).

The amendments to the agreements were made aware of large-scale consultations in Panama and collaborative discussions between the federal, provincial and territorial governments. The WDA provides greater flexibility that allows Manitoba to design and deliver programs that meet the individual needs of clients and the labour market. Workforce ExperienceSafe support is provided to local employers to provide on-the-job training and tutoring for new full-time workers. These investments should lead to well-trained and productive workers who can contribute to the success of the company. Workforce Development ProjectsWork projects are cooperative partnerships aimed at improving the participation of eligible participants in the labour market, helping them prepare to enter or return to work, to acquire or maintain a job, or to obtain or obtain qualifications for a job.

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