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When you create a new business together, a shareholders` agreement is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. Shareholder contracts complement a company`s articles of association. They must comply with their mandatory provisions, but may freely adapt their non-binding provisions. In addition, their provisions must comply with the legal requirements of the jurisdiction in which they are implemented. Since these requirements may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, it is not recommended to use the same model for different countries. Therefore, there is no standard shareholders` agreement and such a contract must be tailor-made. has. to ensure that it, its representatives, agents and representatives, who represent them at the general meetings of the shareholders of the company, exercise their votes at all times in a manner consistent with the provisions of this Agreement and which implements them fully and effectively. However, such a shareholders` agreement is not binding on the undertaking, unless it becomes a party to that effect. A shareholders` agreement is simply a contract between the shareholders of a private company, which deals with how the shareholders intend to manage the company and regulates the respective roles and responsibilities of the shareholder. Among the issues generally dealt with in a shareholders` agreement are: for example, they govern the purpose of the company, the way in which directors are appointed and dismissed and the way in which the general meeting of shareholders is convened, who must represent the company and what rules apply to the issue of shares. Drawing up a shareholders` agreement is also beneficial, as it fosters debate among shareholders, allowing them to see where their expectations of the company are different and to raise potential issues that would otherwise have been overlooked until a problem actually arises. Among the most common themes of a shareholders` agreement are: Are you planning to start a company with one or more shareholders? In this case, it is recommended to conclude the mutual agreements and define them in a shareholders` agreement.

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