Western Sydney Lhd Service Agreement

We will continue to invest in facilities and services, health technologies, research and education. We also plan to connect more effectively with partners in our healthcare region. By creating closer links with primary care networks and other health care providers, patients will benefit from the best possible care, whether at home, in the community or in the hospital. We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our service agreement with the New South Wales Department of Health. We invest in our business to ensure consistency with the expectations of consumers and suppliers and modern knowledge for a better health experience. Ensure that services are provided in an efficient and responsible manner. Preparation of annual reports subject to the financial responsibility and audit framework of the State. Maintain effective communication with local and state public health actors. The Health Services Plan: Growing Good Health in Western Sydney sets out our long-term plans and priorities for healthcare in our hospitals, community health facilities and home services until 2026. We are facing a growing burden of disease, increasing complex chronic diseases and a growing demand for health services. These are health trends in our communities that are worrisome; Childhood obesity, diabetes, increased mental health problems and diseases associated with aging.

Archive Surgical and procedural care in south-west Sydney A sydney health profile South West: a status report describing the population, their health and the services provided in Sydney South West Area Heath A new direction for the sydney South West Health Service Strategic Plan for 2010 Annual Report 2010/11 NSW Health Integrated Primary and Community Care Plan NSW Ministry of Health Annual Report 2011-12 of the Department of Health NSW eport NSW Ministry of Health`s 2008-09 Annual Report Audit Report 2009-10 Annual Review 2011 Research Strategy 2012 Provision of services and performance standards within an agreed budget, based on annual strategy and operating plans. This forms the basis of our local health district service agreement. .

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